Neck Pain that Progressively Worsens Throughout the Workday

So…we all know that staring at a computer for hours every day isn’t good for our necks and shoulders.

It’s a very common thing for a new client to tell me something like this:

“My neck hurts every day while using the computer. It gets worse throughout the day. I just wish it would pop or something. It feels so tight. My shoulder blades start to feel a burning pain. I keep doing these stretches I saw online.”

Unfortunately, that is a very common story. These days, with COVID having us less active and with many of us working from home, neck and shoulder pain is more of a problem than ever before.

Here’s the good news.

I can help! No. Really, I can. You are suffering from a very real physical problem. At Park Bench we utilize an effective mixture of chiropractic adjustments, manual massage methods, and fascial stretching that allows us to get our clients past issues like this quickly. Not just that, but we guilt trip and cajole our clients into performing home exercises and making lifestyle modifications so that this doesn’t keep coming back.

So, if this sounds like your problem then we invite you to come on in, get to know us, and see how much we can help.