Complimentary Consultation

Complimentary Chiropractic Consultation

We are committed to making you feel at home and welcome in our office. Even more importantly, we are committed to making sure you are in the right place. After all, some cases which seem like chiropractic cases are actually things which are better handled by a different healthcare provider. A consultation is a good chance to come in and throw a million questions as us.

Quite often we can answer all your questions and we can comfortably say that you will be well-served by starting care at our office. Other times we will suggest you visit a different type of doctor.

The consultation will last about 10-20 minutes. We will bring you back to a private room and sit down with a pen and paper and ask numerous questions about your condition or your health concern. We will do our best to get to the bottom of the problem and identify what is going on. You should come into the consultation with your own set of goals, too. We will be trying to learn about your issues, and you should be trying to learn about us. Do not hesitate to ask us anything, we aren’t shy.

If this sounds good to you then give us a call!