Been in a Car Crash?

Nothing is as inconvenient or painful as getting into a car crash. Rather, I suppose lots of things hurt more and are more inconvenient, but let’s disregard that for now.

Not only is there the headache of insurance claims and talking to insurance adjusters and claim management specialists, but you need to balance repairing your car or truck with repairing your body. Cars and trucks come and go – some you own for a decade and some stick around for just a year or two. Your body, though, you only get one of those.

Even slow speed impacts can cause a surprising amount of pain. So if you are feeling like you got hit by a truck – because you got hit by a truck – then give us a call. We will perform a full physical evaluation, order any x-rays or MRI’s we may need, and provide attentive and holistic care.

We can process claims for most major car insurance companies, such as GEICO, State Farm, and Progressive (among others). We handle all of that paperwork for you as long as you bring us a claim number and a phone number to call.

Then all you need to do it focus on getting back to feeling normal again. Give us a call at (301) 378-0334 to get started.