What Should I Wear to My First Appointment?

This is actually a question we get asked quite often. It’s a pretty easy answer, too.

First off, if you have a lower back or hip issue than you should make sure that your back and hips are accessible. While we may not need to see your actual skin, we will need to be able to feel the area and we will need to be able to move your legs and back around.

You probably do not want to be wearing a skirt, unless it is a long skirt. It won’t preclude us working on you, but it will introduce a little bit of a challenge to navigate while protecting your modesty.

If you like yoga pants or leggings, they are perfect because they stretch. Jeans are fine, too. Sometimes they make some leg movements and stretches difficult, but they will be OK.


If your problem is the neck or shoulders, then we recommend you wear something that covers you up but that isn’t incredibly bulky. For example, if your neck is the issue maybe don’t wear a turtleneck. Even if you do, though, it’s really not too difficult to work around clothing when we need to.

The first visit is a lot of diagnosis stuff – moving your body around to see if we can elicit pain and locate the cause of the problem. So that first visit is the one you really want to make sure you are dressed appropriately for. Anything that covers you up enough to make you feel comfortable is good, and if those clothes allow us to poke around and stretch and move you as the same time, that’s even better.

For regular visits (probably every visit after the exam) you can dress any way you feel comfortable. You will get to know our treatment style soon enough, and you’ll find that you have a way you want to be dressed to get your best results.

Ultimately, dress however you feel comfortable. Wear your favorite Crocs if you’d like, and rock out that knitted sweater full of cats howling at the moon. Whatever makes you happy is the exact way we will gladly accept you!