It looks like despite getting some serious snow accumulation on the first day of Spring that Winter has finally faded into the past. We didn’t get much snow this time around overall, but the weather was definitely cold and dreary for a long time.

As the weather improves that means one thing for all the homeowners of Frederick: Yard work. Gardening. Heavy bags of mulch. Bending over and pulling weeds and planting bulbs. Pushing the mower around your uneven yard. All the joys of maintaining and beautifying your homestead. And with that hard work comes the rewarding sight of a well-tended yard…and aches and pains.

We want to remind all of our friends and patients to rely on safe lifting methods and to pay attention to their posture while doing all this yard work. Be sure to brace your core when lifting or pulling, and do your best to use your leg strength and not your lower back when lifting that mulch.

If a load is too heavy, use a wheelbarrow. Take frequent breaks. Keep hydrated. And when you’re all done crack open an ice cold beer and sip on it while you admire your handiwork and think of us at Park Bench.