COVID-19 Office Policies

We have, as of July 1st, been leaving the door unlocked. While we had been waving patients in one at a time and keeping the door locked, we now let you come in and wait inside if you’d like.

We have moved our waiting room chairs to be 6 feet apart. In the event you are waiting for your appointment, which is unlikely because we do not overbook, you will be able to maintain a good distance from other people.

Should you want to wait outside that is just fine. Please come inside at your appointment time, though, because we may be too busy to come get you.

Please don’t forget to bring your mask to your appointment. We will be wearing ours. Maryland Chiropractic Association policy is that we all wear masks during your appointment.

We are increasing the number of appointments and slowly getting back to normal. In the meantime we want you to know we are taking precautions and disinfecting surfaces between appointments, including the adjusting table and of course our hands.

*Now, if you’ve made it this far into the update then Rob wants to share that he is interested in providing complimentary care for people who have lost their jobs or insurance due to COVID. Email or call and tell Kathy what’s going on and Rob will then get back to you within a few days with a plan. Don’t tell us some sad story, we don’t need to wallow. Just the basics. When things get lemony Rob likes to make some lemonade, so let him know!