Cash Fees

We Pity The Fool Who Doesn’t Take Advantage of These Prices

We have a cash fee system that is designed to make chiropractic affordable for people who do not have health insurance, or who have very high deductibles. Please consult the chart below for the complete breakdown of prices.

The cost for the initial visit is $100. This costs more than the typical visit because we perform a detailed history and physical exam.

The cost of all other visits is $50. This is all-inclusive. In other words no matter what we do on that visit we do not charge more than $50.

You have until the 3rd visit to roll your already-paid visits into a cash care plan. This means that you can feel us out and come in twice before making up your mind about the cash care plan.

Purchasing a cash care plan is not mandatory. It will save you money if you come in more than a handful of times. The downside is you pay more upfront, the upside is that you save money. Should you want to buy a care plan, just ask the front desk. Should you want to pay on a visit-by-visit basis, that is perfectly fine, too.

Cash Care Plan Prices
1 visit 8 Visits 12 visits 16 visits
$50 $336 ($42/visit) $468 ($39/visit) $576 ($36/visit)

You can ask for a refund at any time. We will prorate your cash care plan and refund you the balance, although we will count your initial visit at the original $100 price.

There is no expiration date before which you must use your purchased visits. They do not expire. Ever.

If you are active or retired US military, or the family of active or retired US military, please inquire about our military discount.