Car Accident Injury Treatment

At Park Bench Chiropractic we welcome patient who have suffered injuries from car accidents.

Everybody at some point in there life is probably going to get into an accident. Whether they are “rear-ended” or “T-boned” or some other type of crash, the physical pain and the headaches that follow can be persistent and aggravating. Sometimes these issues take weeks or even months to resolve. The amount of physical force being transmitted through the occupant of a vehicle in a collision is quite significant. Soft tissue injuries to the supporting structures of the neck and back are very common. Without proper care these injuries can become chronic and difficult to resolve. It is for that reason that early and consistent treatment is vitally important.

If you’ve been injured please give us a call. Our front desk staff will take the time to guide you through the claims process and will file all your medical claim forms on your behalf. Should you have an attorney we will work hand-in-hand with them to ensure a smooth process. Should you not have an attorney but want one, we will recommend an upstanding attorney with integrity whom specializes in car accident claims.

Whether your issue is whiplash, headaches, post-concussion problems, numbness or tingling to the arms or legs, neck or back pain, or something else…you can be well-served by coming to our office and seeing what we can do for you. In many cases we will order x-rays or MRI’s to assess the stability of your spine or the extent of your injuries. As with all clients we offer a complimentary 20-minute consultation if you want to come in and chat to see if Park Bench is right for you.

Both chiropractors at Park Bench are certified to perform physical therapy, so we will utilize modalities like heat/ice, stretching, muscle stim/TENS, and manual therapy to compliment the chiropractic treatment. No matter the complexity, severity, or simplicity of your case we will provide you with attentive and appropriate care. Our goal for all of our car accident clients is for them to return to feeling how they felt before the crash.

If you’ve had imaging (MRI/x-ray) performed at the hospital already, please let us know. We will take into account those films and reports when we evaluate you.

Most drivers have something called Personal Injury Protection as part of their car insurance. That provides you a pool of money (between approximately $2,500 and $5,000) that has been supplied by your premium payments in order to cover your medical expenses in the event of a claim being filed for an automobile crash.

Give us a call today to get started. We can usually get you an appointment within a day or so.